Advanced numerical analysis of granular matter

Multi-scale DEM-FEM approaches for fundamental research and applications.


I’m a Ph.D. in Civil and Mechanical Engineering with experience in Granular Matter, Geomechanics, and Numerical Modeling and Simulation.

I’m currently a Researcher at Polytechnique Montreal in Canada, and I lead the numerical modeling axes of the research group “Granular Mechanics for Mining Geotechnics.

Latest News

Paper accepted for Powders&Grains 2021 – Experiments on Soft/Rigid Particles Assemblies. Link here
We are looking for a Ph.D. student! (Position Fulfilled) Link here



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We received an award

“Due to its particular importance, innovation, and broad appeal” our paper submitted to the Physical Review Letters deserved the mention of Editor’s Suggestion.

Link here

Research highlights

On mixtures of deformable and rigid particles

What are the compaction laws for mixtures of highly-deformable and rigid particles? Link here

On the shear strength of grain size disperse assemblies

How come the shear strength of very disperse granular materials is the same as for single size grain samples? Link here

On the shear behavior of sphere packings

A deep analysis of the microstructural properties of sphere packings under shearing. Link here